Fees and payment

Best Value Conveyancing provides Clients with processing services free of charge, however it reserves the right to charge additional sums as notified to the Client in advance from time to time.

In some circumstances Best Value Conveyancing will take a payment from a Client up-front on behalf of a Service Provider to allow a Service Provider to start to provide Services or Products immediately. Where a Quote requires an up-front payment the Client accepts that the work covered by it will start as soon as possible after payment

All fees and the terms of payment for the performance of Services or Products shall be governed by the relevant Service Provider terms.

Although Best Value Conveyancing uses reasonable endeavours to ensure all Quotes are accurate, Quotes should be regarded as indicative only, in particular in relation to any fees referred to in them. All information in Quotes and on which Best Value Conveyancing bases Quotes is provided to Best Value Conveyancing by the Client and/or relevant Service Providers and Best Value Conveyancing cannot and do not undertake to verify the information before producing the Quote.

Cancellation of Conveyancing Services and Products

Clients will have the right to cancel a conveyancing or legal Service or Product Instruction within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of Instruction and receive a refund of their initial payment for the No Completion No Fee Guarantee if the Service Provider has not commenced the legal work and the Client accepts that this "cooling-off period" ends once the Client waives their right to any remainder of the “cooling-off period”.

Following the Client’s consent to waive the “cooling-off period” the Service or Product may be cancelled but the Client’s initial payment will not be refunded. However the No Completion No Fee Guarantee can be transferred to any future conveyancing Service or Product with the same Service Provider.

If you wish to cancel a conveyancing or legal Service or Product please contact clientservices@bestvalueconveyancing.co.uk or call 0800 038 7007  Weekdays: 9am – 6pm, Saturday: 10am – 4pm, Sunday: Closed. Please be ready to quote your reference number and order date.