Getting a Remortgage Conveyancing Quote

Your remortgage conveyancing quote is made up of a number of different components. We control the competitive level of legal fees, but unfortunately we can’t control the level of disbursements, as these are fixed by other bodies. For your convenience, we have detailed the disbursements on this page.
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Conveyancing Legal Fees

The first component is the legal fee. This is the fee we charge you for our work. In other words, it is what you pay for our lawyers’ time looking after your remortgage.If you compare this to a mechanic or plumber, this is the labour charge for the entire transaction.

Because we’re Best Value Conveyancing we have kept our fees down so that they are competitive and represent good value for money.

There is one additional component in the legal fee. We charge a small additional fee for arranging a transfer of equity. This is the legal term for changing the ownership of the property without selling it, for example by taking one person off the deeds, or putting another person on. Sometimes this can even involve changing the respective shares in the property where that had previously been unspecified or in a different amount.

Regrettably we also have to charge VAT at the current rate on our fees.


Disbursements are the various other expenses which are associated with remortgaging a property. Think of them as the parts aspect of the transaction – your solicitor will have to have them to do a proper job, but we have less ability to control their amount. The disbursements on any transaction will not vary a great between solicitors.

We have set out the details of the most common disbursements below:

Identity Check

This is a small fee for verifying your identity. All solicitors and other regulated professionals must be satisfied who they’re dealing with in order to reduce the risk of money laundering. Again, this is a legal requirement, but the fee is very small.

Bankruptcy search

This is a small fee to check with the Official Receiver that no party to the transaction is a bankrupt. Where there is a bankruptcy interest it is necessary to deal with the trustee in bankruptcy or the Official Receiver in respect of the bankrupt’s interest in the property. This is most relevant in mortgaged transactions and is charged at £2 per name.

Land Registry Registration Fee

A fee charged by HM Land Registry to register the remortgage. The figure varies depending on the size of the mortgage, with thresholds changing at £100,000, £200,000, £500,000 and £1000,000.

Office Copy Fee

This is a fee charged by the Land Registry for providing copies of the current official record of the property and the relevant plans. We subscribe to a special scheme which allows us to get these at a reduced cost, which we allow you to benefit from.

Search Indemnity Insurance

Whilst in a purchase you would have searches undertaken with various bodies, at a cost of £238.8, in a remortgage transaction your solicitor will purchase Search Indemnity Insurance. This covers you if something has changed since the original searches were undertaken. The fee varies depending on the size of the mortgage but is usually about £30. Some lenders insist on searches being undertaken. If this is the case your conveyancing case handler will advise you.

Your solicitor will also check with the Land Registry that there have been no changes to the Register in the period since they obtained your Office Copy of the document. This, referred to as an OS1 search, makes sure that changes such as new mortgages have been taken out on the property in the meantime.

Bank Transfer Fee

A remortgage is actually the settling of one mortgage by taking out another. It therefore involves the transfer of money, and the banks charge solicitors for sending money via their system. This is the charge levied by the banks for this service.

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