Getting a Sale Conveyancing Quote

Your sale conveyancing quote is made up of a number of different things, some of which we can control, and others which we can’t.
To help you, we have detailed some disbursements on this page, which could be relevant to your property sale.
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Sale Conveyancing Legal Fees

The first component is the legal fee. This is the fee charged for the solicitor to do the work on your file. In other words, it is what you pay for our lawyers’ time looking after your sale. If you compare this to a mechanic or plumber, this is the labour charge on the sale.

The fee varies depending on the price of the property, because the level of responsibility increases for more expensive sales.

However, because we’re Best Value Conveyancing we have kept our fees down so that they are competitive and represent good value for money.

There are two additional components in the sale conveyancing legal fee. We quote a small additional fee for mortgaged transactions. This is because in advising you we have to undertake extra work in dealing with the mortgage company and ensuring that your mortgage is paid off and fully redeemed before the property passes, and all charges on the property released. If we didn’t do this carefully there would be a risk that you would have to move out of the house but still owe a large sum to the mortgage company.

We also quote a small additional fee for leasehold transactions. Again this is because there is extra work involved in dealing with third parties, such as managing agents, as well as additional queries and work coming from your purchaser’s solicitors.

In some cases additional fees may arise, as our fixed fee quote is for a standard conveyancing transaction.


Disbursements are the various other expenses which are associated with selling a property. Think of them as the parts aspect of the transaction – your solicitor will have to have them to do a proper job, but we have less ability to control their amount. The disbursements on any transaction will not vary a great between solicitors, and in sale transactions are usually very modest (leasehold sales can be an exception to this due to the cost of management packs).

We have set out the details of the most common disbursements below:

Identity Check

This is a small fee for verifying your identity. All solicitors and other regulated professionals must be satisfied who they’re dealing with in order to reduce the risk of money laundering. This is a legal requirement, but the fee is very small.

Leasehold disbursements

Leasehold transactions also attract additional disbursements; fees charged by management companies for providing information about service charges etc, and additional Land Registry charges.

Land Registry Office Copy and Plan Fee

A small fee charged by HM Land Registry to provide your solicitor with a copy of their Office Copy of the house documents and any plan. Your purchaser’s solicitor will require this to advise on title to the property and your solicitor will have to supply it to them. For leasehold transactions these fees are larger because documents have to be obtained for both the lease and the freehold which underlies it.

Other sale disbursements

On occasion issues may arise during the course of a transaction which can’t be accurately predicted at the start. The most common of these is indemnity insurance. If, for example, there was an extension built on the house but it is not clear whether the Building Regulations were complied with, the buyer may insist on the purchase of an insurance policy to cover the risk that in the future someone might object to the lack of Building Regulations completion certificates. Primarily it is to cover them when they in turn sell the property.

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